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Can I test some awesome new features?

Of course! In our GitHub page, sometimes we like to test new features or bug fixes or just refactoring the code to make more sense. So you can use the beta version installing it from the main page, or if you are really venturous, you can check our feature/ branches which you should download the zip file that appears at the right column below “Network/Settings” or by cloning the repository, then checkout the desired branch and making Chrome use this version:

  git clone
  git checkout feature/awesomeness

Once you have cloned the repository or extracted the zip file, go to Chrome plugin page, activate the Developer Mode, click “Load unpacked extension…”, look for the folder with the extension and enjoy.

All errors found in any of this test should always be reported in GitHub issues list.

Describe here how a user can help the project…

  • GitHub
  • Community
  • Translating
  • Helping on the forum
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