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This is a resume of the changelog history, for a more detailed changelog after release 1.5.0 check

Version 1.5.4

This was a Hotfix about a problem when trying to access the search page, without using the context menu option.

As always you can see all the changes in GitHub

Version 1.5.3

Bug Fixes:

  • When image fail to load we present indication error, but the icon isn't whitelisted so it enters in a loop of errors. commit a03529b330
  • Added facebook and twitter scripts to allowed external content.issue #72
  • Chapters and scans don't open when clicked in the bookmark page issue #74



  • Added the option to call the search page with parameters strings. commit 0ae7e53
  • Changed the year of the footers.
  • Minor code tweaking and improvements for readability.

Full history of changes in GitHub

Version 1.5.2

New Features:

  • Added Translation function

Bug Fixes:

  • AMR Toolbar Doesn't Stay Hidden issue #63
  • AMR 1.5.1 issuing “Unexpected token <” errors issue #60
  • Notification don't close upon click issue #49

Detailed list of changes

Version 1.5.1

New Features:

  1. New clear all categories button (issue #39).
  2. Use of UTF-8 as default coding (Fixes issue #38).
  3. Caching all the websites implementations for faster deliver of the implementations (issue #2).
  4. Popup loads faster than ever!
  5. Removed the use of prototype (issue #15).
  6. Validation of the html pages as HTML5.
  7. Use of webnotifications instead html notifications (fixes issue #42).
  8. Minimun version of chrome to version 18.0.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Submanga domain issue (commit 9608b20).
  2. Fix issue #43.

Version 1.5.0

From this version, All Mangas Reader is open source (licence has not been yet chosen) and source code is hosted on GitHub.

This will make AMR evolve faster ! Anyone can fork All Mangas Reader's code and fix issues. If you want to participate, ask to enter the developer team on the forum !

AMR is now automatically packaged from GitHub code and the release process is lighter than before. We should be able to produce more versions and to fix bugs faster.

A beta channel has been created to allow anyone to have the latest fix in their AMR. If you use the beta channel. Your AMR will be updated each time a commit is made on GitHub. You should encounter bugs, regression but you will help us a lot by being able to declare new issues on GitHub ! Note that if you are on the beta channel, you will have to uninstall AMR before returning to stable channel. Both versions can be downloaded from AMR's main website.

The purpose of AMR V1.5 was to migrate the extension to Manifest V2. Google Chrome changed their security policy and whole parts of the extension were not compliant with these requirements. We had to recode a lot of things…

This was the test version for migrating AMR manifest to v2 and to experiment recoding of AMR on GitHub. It will not be published officially.

Old release notes

Version 1.4.0

From this version, All Mangas Reader does not include any websites implementations. They are all hosted at All Mangas Reader Community!

This will make AMR evolve faster! On this community, developers can update websites implementations as soon as bugs appear. Validators validate implementations if they work and release it so any AMR user will have it in his AMR without any new release of the extension!

Every user can report issues or website requests on this new website to help the community.

I hope you will enjoy these new features!

New Features:

  1. Websites implementations are hosted on All Mangas Reader Community
  2. Option to have notifications when websites are updated or when new websites are released.
  3. Supported websites tab in the option page now contains:
    • Developer Name : I published all previous websites on AMR Community even if i didn't develop all these implementations.
    • Revision: latest version number of the implementation. If you are a developer or a validator, when you test a non released version of a website, this revision number turns as temporary and is replaced by a button “Release” which allows you to replace your temporary version by the latest released and continue receiving updates for this website.
    • Discuss: View the discussion thread on AMR Community for this implementation revision
  4. I encourage you to participate on AMR Community, the more we are, the faster AMR will grow !

New Websites: This section won't exist anymore in the release note as websites implementations does not rely on the extension code anymore! However, just before releasing this version, some developers already tried it in beta and already added a few websites and fix bugs so new websites: Manga Panda, 13Th Hour Scanlations, amanteanime, Extras Scans, Kirei Cake and Twin Dragons no Fansub … Enjoy !

Note: If The extension does not seems to work properly at once… wait a little, all implementations must be retrieved from All Mangas Reader Community, so the first load could be a bit long…

Version 1.3.14

New Features:

  1. Store websites manga lists in local webdatabase. As local webdatabase can have unlimited storage, it is more suitable to have manga lists there. Manga lists where stored in localStorage which is limited to 5Mb. That was creating a lot of bugs when more than 25 websites were activated.
  2. There is no more limitations on the number of activated websites ! All websites manga lists took about 4Mo space in webdatabase.
  3. Option to disable personal statistics tracking
  4. Add a “Stop updating” button on each manga.
  5. There was a “Stop Follow updates” button which allows you to prevent AMR from notifying you about updates on a manga. Stop updating prevent AMR from checking latest published chapters for a manga. Mangas on which - “Stop updating” is on appeared darkened in the popup

Bug Fixes:

  1. MangaFox (antimo fix) : I hope they won't update their website just after AMR release as usual…
  2. Batoto
  3. MangasProject (nwT fix)
  4. UnixManga
  5. / (Mynglam fix)
  6. CXCScans (braiam fix)
  7. Anime story
  8. Vortex scans (braiam fix)
  9. TheSpectrum
  10. EatManga
  11. Manga-Ar
  12. Animeextremist
  13. Manga2u (which is now Mangatoyou)
  14. Fix synchronization bug (Nifiloa fix)
  15. Fix notification popup height
  16. Remove a console.log which was logging a line on every webpage…

New Websites:

  1. Ecchi Japanzai
  2. Imperial scans

Version 1.3.13

New Features:

  1. Personal Statistics. Single button access to your personal reading statistics. Including:
    • History of manga read (date + time spent reading)
    • Stats by manga (time spent reading)
    • Global stats (average chapters read per day / month, average time spent reading per day / month, most read manga, favorite website, …)
    • Graphs to represent your reading
    • (Note : Your statistics can't be synchronized over your computers. You will have to wait for the new website on which you will be able a synchronize and share your manga list and reading history in your account.)
  2. New option to not display a badge with the number of unread manga but display AMR's icon in color if there are new mangas and in grey if not.
  3. Each manga stores the last time a new chapter has been published. An option allows you to display a calendar icon representing the last time a new chapter has been published ( , or ). If not used, a tooltip will appear on the manga name telling : “Last time new chapter : 2 weeks ago” for example (Note : This functionality will be effective when the next chapter of your mangas will arrive.)
  4. Change all skins ! (option page has been re-worked). You can now access all AMR functionalists through a menu bar in all AMR's pages !
  5. Option to mark a chapter as read once it has been fully downloaded

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fix websites bugs on:
    • MangaFox (Xibiter fix)
    • Batoto : you will have to readd all your batoto mangas. (Note : To keep good relations with batoto admins, ads are not removed from chapters page even if the option is checked. While updating chapters, batoto chapters are updated one by one. I recommend you to set the chapters update frequency at least to 6 hours to not flood Batoto.)
    • MangasProject
    • MangaTraders
    • CityManga
    • UnixManga
    • moved to
    • MangaHere
    • MangaHead
    • PunchManga
    • Mangable
    • /
    • MangaExceed
  2. Popup in a new tab : fix overflow on bottom panel
  3. Take special chars into account to group mangas
  4. Prevent AMR from freezing while updating chapters.

New Websites:

  1. Animexis
  2. MC Reborn
  3. Vortex Scans

Version 1.3.12

New Features:

  1. Notify user when he reaches the bottom of the latest published chapter.
  2. Spin the sharingan while loading chapters list (with an option to desactivate)
  3. Save bandwidth by loading updates one by one (with an option to activate it)
  4. Check manga on browser startup (with an option to activate it)

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fix TheSpectrum
  2. Fix ClockWorkLies
  3. Fix Batoto
  4. Fix MangaFox

New Websites:

  1. MangaEden
  2. Titania Scanlations
  3. Manga Traders
  4. Manga Exceed

Version 1.3.11

New Features: -

  1. Better zooming functionality.
  2. Can choose 5 and 10 seconds before closing notification

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fix MangaStream

New Websites:

  1. AdultManga (in russian)

Version 1.3.10

New Features:

  1. If at the bottom of the page, right key go to next chapter. You can desactivate this feature in the option page.
  2. Notifications system : when a new chapter is published, a notification appears. You can desactivate this feature in the option page. (implementation by mexicano21)

Bug Fixes:

  1. Better zoom feature (while pressing + or - keys). Keep current scan centered while zooming.
  2. Fix RedHawkScans
  3. Fix EatManga
  4. Fix Animea

New Websites:

  1. MangaHead (one for english scans and one for raw ones.)
  2. Batoto
  3. CXCScans
  4. Simple Scans
  5. Imangascans
  6. For The Halibut
  7. Evil Flowers
  8. Easy Going
  9. FoOlRulez
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