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All Mangas Reader

All Mangas Reader is a chrome extension which allows you to follow updates of your favorite manga on online manga readers. It beautify all these websites reading by displaying full chapters scans, allowing you to read it as a book.

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Why All Mangas Reader ?

If you like reading manga, this extension is made for you, it helps you reading mangas on your favorite web site by displaying full chapter scans instead of single pages and warns you when a new chapter of your favorite manga has been published.

If you are not a manga reader, this extension will help you to become one !

  • Read manga as a book
  • Track your reading state
  • Follow updates of your favorite mangas
  • More than 80 supported websites
  • Organize your mangas
  • Bookmark your favorite scans / chapters
  • View personal reading statistics

All Manga Reader is a Google Chrome extension. You need to have Google Chrome to enjoy it !

Read the user manual

Participate to the development

From version 1.5, All Mangas Reader is open source under GNU General Public License Version 3 and source code is hosted on GitHub.

Anyone can fork All Mangas Reader's code and fix issues. If you want to participate, ask to enter the developer team on the forum or just pull requests on GitHub !

AMR is automatically packaged from GitHub code under two channels :

  • A beta channel updated on each commit,
  • A stable channel updated when milestones are reached.

Read the development manual

Get support

You can get support on our forum. Join our growing community of users to discuss All Mangas Reader.

  • Get support
  • Ask and discuss new features
  • Help other users
  • Participate to the developement

All Mangas Reader Community

All Mangas Reader Community has been created to dissociate websites implementations from the extension itself. A website implementation describes the way the website is modify by All Mangas Reader. This way, we can react quickly if a website change it's structure or anything else…

  • Report issues linked to websites
  • Fix websites implementations (developers)
  • Test websites implementations

Get involved

All Mangas Reader is licensed under GNU General Public License Version 3. If you can't live without All Mangas Reader, consider donating a few bucks ;-).

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